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campaigned in three key states. today he will be in florida where he will be in a neck and neck race with president obama. he wants leadership and restore faith in the american spirit. >> any one who fears the american dream is fading away. if there is any one who wonders whether better jobs and xhaks are a things of the past i have a clear unequivocal message. with the right leadership america is about to come roar back. >> governor mitt romney giving his closing statements. important states for him he knows that's the state to go on and win the presidency. >> kelly wright in washington. thank you. >> we head to the all important battle ground state of florida. that is where phil keet something -- phil keating is live. >> president obama and governor romney, were they successful in the final pitches to voters? on the american headquarters special they gave their analysis. >> you can see the fatigue in both of their faces, you can hear it in both of their voices. as far as romney is concerned he is trying to go big. you face a good choice you can continue on the path of barack obama,
at those numbers florida, obama, 50 percent romney 49. to virginia swing state 51 percent romney 48 percent. >> colorado, obama taking 51 percent to romney's 47. >> to iowa where obama garnered 52 percent of the vote. romney 46 percent. >> ohio perhaps the most pivotal state of all. >> north carolina my home state obama 48 percent. romney winning this one with 51 percent. president obama 52. >> on to pennsylvania president obama 52 percent romney 47. we have team coverage of all of these election results and more. we have more on the president's victory. >> we also have heather nauert with a look at the exit polls and ainsley earhardt breaking down the balance of power in congress. we start with kelly wright. >> heather, patti ann good morning to you. after his election victory president obama is sounding a con sill tory tone. he has learned from those who supported him as well as those who opposed him. because of that he will return to washington more hardened and with more resolve. the president and his family greeted supporters who gathered in chicago to celebrate his victory. people fro
begin a better tomorrow tomorrow. with the help of the people in florida that's exactly what is going to happen. >> it's the moment of truth, election day. in florida a record setting information of people flock to the voteling. we are live from a polling station at the university of central florida. hi, ray. >> that's right. all eyes will be here in central florida. a whole bunch of people are expected to come out here in the ucs arena. the long lines and people that came out to vote there are longer lines today. the poerls opened in florida about two hours from now. we know with this particular polling spot there were a lot of problems during the 2008 presidential election. the county didn't have enough staff members and extra polling staff had to be brought here to accommodate the massive crowds. we understand students waited as long as 5 and a half hours in order to cast their ballots. of course florida is important. president obama was supposed to speak here at the campus to rally democratic supporters but had to cancel that event because of hurricane sandy. but we know a lot of
. it's two-days after the election and once again the state of florida just too close to call except this time president obama was re-elected regardless of florida's outcome. president obama leads mitt romney by a little more than 47,000 votes that does not include 200,000 absentee and provisional ballots which still need to be counted. >> we may be unstep chlors to the benghazi terror attack. the obama administration reached widespread criticism for initially blame ago video for the attack and for not doing more to protect the consulate. the director of intelligence james clapper and david petraeus are expected to testify. the senate will hold a hearing the same day. >> it is believed to be the first recorded message from al qaeda since the benghazi terror attack. the group's leader trying to capitalize on a horrific murder of ambassador chris stef convenients along with two other americans. troops leaving iraq and planning to leave afghanistan show america is weakening in the middle east. the video makes no mention of the anti islam film first blamed for the attack. former congress
-mailing the woman down in florida who sparked the investigation, jill kelly. kelly wright joins us with the latest developments. >>> no relation at all there. now another sex scandal bombshell against another top commander. this time general john allen as you said. the he is allegedly having communications with jill kelly who went to him fabout broadwell's e-mails. george little was responding to that saying while the matter is under investigation and before the facts are determined he will remain commander of the forces in afghanistan. he's entitled to due process in this matter. now in searching the charlotte north carolina home of broadwell the fbi was lacking for more information relate to go her relationship with cia director david petraeus. the resignation of petraeus over his affair is sending shock waves through out washington. overnight leon pineda who is in australia giving his first public response stating i think he took the right steps and i think it's important when you are director of the cia with all of the challenges that face you in that position. that personal integrity come fir
of the business including twinkies. hostess had no choice but to strike before return to go work. >>> florida senator making history in the iowa debut. he have the keynote speaker at a birthday fundraiser for governor kerry. he said the fundraiser scored over 600,000 dollars. rubio said his speech had nothing to do with that. >> paula broadwell and her family returned home for the first time since david petraeus resigned as cia director over the extra marital affair. she told friends she is devastated about the fallout but is still being investigated for classified documents reportedly found at her lap top and her home. >> the fans have spoken and america still has bieber fever. >> american music award goes to... >> justin bieber. >> he dominated the music awards he won the artist of the year. the 18-year-old also took home favorite pop album and mail artist. oo and check out carrie underwood. she blew the audience away with her new single two black cadillacs. i thought the per man's was awesome. she took home the award for favorite country album. >> you must have been up too late. >> i was w
from fungal meningitis. a florida socialite connected to david petraeus and the scandal tried claiming she was a diplomat when she called 911 about someone in her yard. >> by any chance i am honorary council general so i have vie >> in the past several days several other calls from kelley's home about possible trespassers on her property. that is your 5@5:00. >> john allen continues the world. they held the first news conference set for reelection. tomorrow's hearing on benghazi the president will safe tough questions later today. peter tell us about this. >>> so far the white house has been saying president obama has been totally in the dark or was totally in the dark. the director of the cia was under investigation until a week ago last wednesday is when they say he found out. even so that investigation ban months ago. >> it is simply a fact that the white house is knottednot aware situation regarding general petraeus until wednesday. the situation regarding general allen until friday. so the fbi is the place to go. >> the deputy director of the fbi shawn joyce is going to make an ap
and also to pressure republicans to increase taxes on upper income earners. >>> one florida congressional race is up for recount. it was in the race between republican allen west and patrick murphy. the initial report showed it was lost by just 25 votes. they agreed to a partial recount because of problems with the early ballots. folks are thanking military veterans for their service and their sacrifices. >> new york city people lining the streets from the annual veteran's parade. celebrations to collect donations for super storm sandy victims. a more somber event in arlington, virginia. that's where president obama laid a wreath at the tovsh of the unknown. marking a major milestone at the vietnam memorial at washington, d.c. this year is the 30th anniversary of that war. >> in california, california veterans erecting a war memorial cross in the mojave desert. after a lengthy legal battle it was reinstalled and dedicated yesterday. that has been a long battle. that is your 5@5:00. >>> it is time for your first degree weather update maria molina. how is it looking? >> good morning everyon
in parts of the state of the florida and out west warm la looking at a high temperature of 81 degrees. the frontal system is having moisture and we'll see showers and rain we are talking about wisconsin ask sunshine and return to the wet weather in the city of. >> thank you, maria. it is time now to look who is talking and this morning it is it president obama. >> in a special thanksgiving edition of his weekend addresslet president holiday time is a chance to put things in perspect itch. >> as a nation we had a campaign season that was passionate and noise yevital to our democracy and required us to make choice and times they sets us apart insteved ties us together. what cand date we support instead of what country we bilong tompt thanksgiving is it a chance to put it all in perspective and remember despite our differences we are and will be americans first and foremost. we give tharchings to blessings that are all too rare. ability to spepped time with the ones we love and say what we want and worship as we please and know brave men and women defending our freedom and look our child
on the campaign trail in nevada and wisconsin. mitt romney will be in virginia at the rally yesterday in florida balancing his push for early voters during the poll of storm relief. >> please make sure you go out and vote early. if you have a dollar extra send it to the red cross for our friends that are in harm's way. i love you and i appreciate it and together we we are going to win. >>> both campaigns are battling for the independent voters that are generally favoring romney. when you start looking at individual issues the economy still looming large with a clear plurality among likely voters. although when you look at national security at the bottom it has edged up just a bit. this is the president handling the economy. approved are 45 percent disapproval of the majority. it is a tough number to head into reel lesh wi-- reelection . new unemployment numbers coming out tomorrow. >>> talk about that with cheryl co-teachers co-teachers -- co-teachersasoni in a littl. >> they told the obama administration and consulate could not with stand a coordinated attack. peter doocy is live with more on t
waited in line for hours you saw this video no florida to cast your vote specifically. turns out it may not even matter after all. there are patients who will question, why does my mouth feel dryer than i remember it to be? there are more people taking more medication, so we see people suffering from dry mouth more so. we may see more cavities, bad breath, oral irritation. a dry mouth sufferer doesn't have to suffer. i would recommend biotene. the enzymes in biotene products help supplement enzymes that are naturally in saliva. biotene helps moisten those areas that have become dry. those that are suffering can certainly benefit from biotene. >> it is 22 minutes after the hour. they have a box with 1,000 uncounted paper ballots. these were misplaced in some sort of a warehouse. when the supervisor of elections asked to comment about this she says this happens all of the time. president obama was declared winner of florida 12 days after the election. the killer of etan patz is charged with murder and kidnapping. they raised pedro hernandez last spring 33 years after the 6-year-old vanish
. >> it spread across central florida from east orlando to downtown. the marine awe bakery shops were filled to capacity everyone taking advantage of the desserts and bread only costing $0.50. the twinkie craze was so fanatic there were over 2100 twinkies sold in less than 15 minutes. shoppers like joelle were able to get his hands on twinkies. he purchased more than 25 packs. >> i don't think (inaudible). >> for dan the small business owner the price is unbeatable. he said his business depended on the marine awe factory. >> adds a small business we depend on this. >> today's sale is literally bitter sweet. her husband worked at the marina factory for over 2 decades. >> it is sad that a few greedy people decided a pay cut wasn't good enough and wanted 100 percent pay cut. they affected 18,000 employees. >> for those who lost employment to those who will see the iconic dessert banished from the store shelves make sure you get your hands on the popular brand supplies are only expect to do last through the end of this week. >> 19 minutes after the hour. we have this to tell you about. end of th
the air force with problems for years and years. now one has crashed near a florida panhandle highway. luckily the pilot was able to eject safely and no one ground was hurt. nissan predicted it would sell 20,000 but selled lows than 6800 by the enof the summer. they sold 9700 in all of 2011 perhaps it is the dopey name. no surprise it hasn't sold a lot. >> another big story on capitol hill the looming fiscal cliff. as we told you earlier president obama will meet with congressional leaders to talk about the issue. that debate from sean hannity and former economic advisor to the president austin goldstein. >> if we want to address the deficit which we should we have to do that with cuts and new revenue. we should either broaden the base or raise the race. >> kwoerming out of the worst recession of our lifetime. >> want to stop whining about this? >> i am not whining. >> when do we stop blaming what i inherited. >> i am not blaming anything about what he inherited. we have added more than 5 million jobs in the last -- >> he lost more. there are fewer americans working. >> if you were to
. >> a florida fisherman alive today thanks to that the lid of a cooler. the boat he and his brother were on started sinking they didn't have time to get the life jackets so instead he clung to the only thing he could find a cooler lid for 7 hours until help arrived. >> this gentlemen we came on scene this was the only thing he was holding on to. he probably weighed 200, 220 pounds. >> the weight was too big it capsized the boat it happened so fast. >> his brother was on the boat with him he slwam to shore and called for help. >>> governor of rhode island is pulling the plug on an annual tradition there. he is cancelling the tate's official christmas tree lighting ceremony. some were saying the event was canceled to avoid controversy over last year's holiday tree instead of a christmas tree. a republican lawmaker hopes she plans her own tree lighting ceremony at the state house. >>> there's a new danger of combining grapefruit and medications. the list of drugs has grown from 17 to 43 including heart drugs, sleeping pills, antibiotics and more. the chemicals in the fruit prevent the body
million tickets sold in florida, maryland, new mexico, ohio and south carolina loin gnaw. the news is not all bad if you are waking up this morning. we are live in mid town. >> even if you get 4r bucks. >> two people in missouri and arizona will be splitting the $580 million. plus diane macedo has son what you are doing for the big winners all six of the numbers. they might be busy talking about how to pro tech your certificates. >> soon the back to keep from any one claiming traes theirs. do a photo copy and place the original in a swaf. in terms of who you mel you tell, when it comes to payout options to take the lump jum it improved making the bash up 727 million the 580 million is the actual lottery pot plus interest earned but treasury you have a good chance of earning better returns elsewhere. >> with either option we will get 29 percent of that not including state taxes. especially since the winners will be in the top tax bracket there's a chas chances about co up so they are charged at 2012 rates. the same goes for charitable positions. righting off bow nations could be ove
into the vault and made out with the cash. he is accused of robbing several banks in florida and washington earlier in the year. >> an officer is shot and injured in the robberies. a 70,000 reward is offered for any information lead to go his rays. >> we might soon see another member of the bush family in political office. reports say george p. bush filed the paperwork required to run for state office in texas. it's not clear what office he plans to run for. he is the nephew of former president george w. bush and son of explore dau governor jeb bush. >> scientists believe they found a super earth the planet is part of a system with 6 planets a orbit a star just like our solar system. astronomers belief the planet is water and 7 times larger than our planet earth. future high-tech telescopes will likely be able to see it. those are your stories for 5@5:30. >>>. obama will speak today about the most important issue looming the fiscal cliff. >> doug luzader has more on the economic crisis. >> good morning. it is a looming crisis. the congressional budget warns if we reach the fiscal cliff at t
or if an invasion will take place. live in a matter of moments colonel allen west will have a bid in florida where he lost .058 percent of the vote. he want to see if he can get a recount make many believe he actually won that race. live in the studio rudy giuliani he will be talking about the 90 plus republicans who say you better not nominate ambassador rice secretary of state president obama will find out where that is going. all coming up on fox and friends doochlt miss a security. if you think running a restaurant is hard, try running four. fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. >> 9 minutes before the top of the hour. the majority of companies cannot find employees. the solar foundation found 63 percent said it's difficult to find educated workers. >> thinking of taking turkey gravy on the plane with you. that's one of the items they will not allow at check
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)